Do My Customers and Employees Love Me?

Do My Customers and Employees Love Me?

When it comes to understanding our customers and employees, most of us are usually just guessing.

Most of us have no real data.

And if we have data, it’s often misleading.

I’ve found that this is the only surefire way to know if your customers or employees love you:

Send out a 1 question survey, with a 1 question follow up on the thank you page.

Here are the two questions you ask to get you a rating & areas to improve. You can use a simple (and free) tool like Survey Monkey to do this; it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Customer NPS / Employees NPS

The question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how enthusiastically would you recommend our company?

The follow-up question: What’s one thing we should do that would have you increase your rating the next time we ask this question?

2) This is how its calculated – Net Promoter Score

3) Then you figure out the critical projects to do as a company so that your rating in each area increases. It’s a simple concept-data driven feedback.

NOTE: One additional tool you can add to the mix are these surveys. Use them to glean other ongoing insights…

Employee data…

Customer data…

And there you have it – a way to know what your clients and employees are thinking. The beauty is you don’t have to ask for names (and people remain anonymous), so people will be comfortable giving honest answers.

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