Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone have a call before being invited to join the COO Alliance?
Yes, during the application process everyone has a video call with Cameron Herold (Founder) or one of our Directors of Business Development to share their goals and explore if they will be a great fit.
What are the minimum requirements to be a COO Alliance Member?
The minimum requirements are as follows:

    1. Annual company revenue of $5MM+
    2. Be the true COO or Second-in-Command of the company.
    3. Run a team who reports to you as the Second-in-Command.
    How many events are held per year for COO Alliance Members?

    The COO Alliance puts on 12 Monthly events and hosts 1-2 Live In-Person Events per year.

    When does my year start as a COO Alliance Member?
    Your year starts from the 1st of the month following payment.
    What is the time commitment for this virtual community?
    Each Monthly Mastermind Call is 2 hours. You and your team can also watch the recordings from prior events via the Member App at your own pace.
    Is this a safe environment for me to share information about my company?
    Yes, we take privacy seriously and make sure to provide a confidential environment, with every member agreeing not to share any information outside of the group.
    If I have to miss an event, will there be recordings available after?

    Yes, each event will be recorded, and you will gain access to an organized library of events immediately after you enter the COO Alliance, BUT you miss out on the amazing breakout groups, and group discussions that happen during the rest of the 2-hour monthly mastermind calls.

    Is there a way to be absolutely sure that this event is worth the investment?

    While we can’t promise that every COO will have the exact same experience, we do guarantee that you and your business will receive a 10x return on your investment. Some COOs have even reported a 100x return during their first year of membership too.

    We back up this 10x promise by offering you a full money-back guarantee, after completing your annual membership if you don’t get ten times the value of your investment back in savings or potential profits, we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

    What topics are covered in COO Alliance's COO training courses?

    Our COO training programs and courses cover a wide range of topics, both from a personal development and business development perspective. We take a holistic approach to supporting new and veteran chief operating officers. Check out our overview of upcoming (and past) events to see the topics we’re discussing this year.

    What happens if my second in command quits or gets fired?

    We pause your membership for 60 days for you to find their replacement, and then your annual membership continues. While you’re searching for them, another senior exec can join the monthly events even during the 2-month pause.

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