COO Alliance Partners

COO Alliance Partners

As CEO or COO you’re not always sure who can help you grow your company

As CEO or COO you’re not always sure who can help you grow your company

Would you like an introduction?

Cameron has built a solid network of trust over the last 15 years. And now if we introduce you to these companies, they work hard for you because they love his introductions. And now the COO Alliance has a great relationship with them too. Email us, and we’ll introduce you to them.

  • Are you missing one or more of the following crucial areas in your business?
  • Are your existing partners not delivering?
  • Do you need someone part-time in any of these areas?
  • Are you missing one or more of the following crucial areas in your business?
  • Are your existing partners not delivering?
  • Do you need someone part-time in any of these areas?
We’ve got you covered. And Cameron has personally worked with and/or vetted each and every partner in their respected area and referred them to clients and members for years

Hiring the topmost leadership team in your organization is like adding fire to gasoline.

It can either rocket the growth of your business like nothing else or it can burn your organization down depending on whom you hire.

Here’s the situation: top A-players are never looking for jobs; they are poached.

When was the last time you saw the resume of Tim Cook, Sundar Pichai, or Andy Jassy?

The top 5% of executives are never out of jobs.

All you need to get hold of these guys is an executive search firm that can recruit these superstars for you with finesse.

We’ve got 3 firms in our Rolodex that can help you with the following:

  • For C Level & VP Level Roles: Need a purpose-driven, high-performance executive? This firm is an expert in connecting exceptional leaders to mission-driven companies.
    We have personally referred clients to them for the past 10 years.
  • For Mid-Level Roles Like Directors & VPs: This firm is based in North America, and they’ll help you hire Directors, VPs, and even front-line employees. They helped one COO Alliance member fill 8 mid-level roles in record time. Since then, we’ve been referring them to our members.
  • For Executive Assistants: If you don’t have an executive assistant, you are one. This firm only deals with high-level VAs. So, if you are just looking to outsource small processes like data entry and bookkeeping then this is not the right firm for you. However, if you want these small mundane tasks to be outsourced while at the same time you need someone who proactively understands your vision then this is the #1 firm we recommend.

To be introduced to the right fit:

Hiring a $200,000 CFO may not make sense right now.

You probably have a controller or director of finance.

That “numbers” person in your organization is fine.  But just having a numbers person won’t cut it.  You also need a person who will be the “strategic partner” helping to drive profitable growth & value creation.

But aren’t CFOs a bit expensive?

That’s where fractional CFOs come in – they overlook your financials monthly and come back to you with ideas, questions, and even guidance for your finance team and company.

It’s irresponsible to not hire a fractional CFO for how little they cost. (Fractional fees too not a full-time salary).

A fractional CFO means you never need to worry about making the right – financially sound decisions ever again.

Here’s what the firm I recommend can help you with:

Here’s what the firm we recommend can help you with:

  • Strategic financial planning
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Cash flow analysis and management 
  • Financial infrastructure design 
  • Forecasting and budgeting services 
  • Restructuring and corporate bankruptcy

To be introduced to the right fit:

If you are looking to sell your company within the next 18 to 24 months period and you have controlling equity, then this M&A firm can make the process a lot easier.

Your expected transactional value should be a minimum of $30 million however a $100-$250 million valuation would be ideal.

You focus on running your business while this M&A firm will take care of supplying you with a steady flow of genuine buyer leads.

Having this M&A firm will ensure you find the right buyers who don’t try to cheat you in the deals.

Cameron has personally referred deals to them since 2009 and as of now 3 of his coaching clients are working with this firm to sell their company.

We can introduce you to them if it’s the right fit. We know someone who can also handle the smaller $15-30M size deals also.:



Hiring is hard. Especially trying to find A-player talent locally.

When the only people you can find are C-grade people wanting A-grade money what do you do?

Thankfully there is an area of the world that doesn’t have these challenges.

Are you interested in people:

  • Who are highly qualified?
  • Who have great experience?
  • Who have a real team-member mentality?
  • Who want to work hard and help you grow your business for the long-term? 
  • Who have great cultural alignment and amazing English language skills?

And that are typically 50% of the cost of US hires too!

If yes then you want then remote-hiring in sweet spots like Eastern Europe, Asia & Latin America may be for you. 

We have partners who can help in all regions. 

Whatever roles you need to hire, they can help. Whether it’s marketing specialists, operations managers, software developers, creative roles, executive assistants, or anything in between, they will help you find the remote superstars you need.

They charge a simple flat fee and they fully guarantee their results too.


To be introduced to the right fit:

You may not need a CMO right now.

You probably have a marketing director who manages and supervises your marketing team, they are the one who ensures that the company’s marketing vision is brought to life by the marketing team’s efforts.

But have you ever wondered who comes up with the marketing vision? Should a $100,000 Director be responsible for spending $1,000,000 in marketing dollars?

Who is responsible for driving strategic growth?

No, it’s not the marketing director, their hands are already full with ensuring your marketing team is operating efficiently.

That’s where a fractional chief marketing officer comes. They work closely with the CEO & CFO on a strategic level and ensure your company is headed in the right growth direction.

They really cost a fraction of what true CMO costs, thus it’s irresponsible to not plug one into your company.

We can recommend a firm for you to hire the right fractional CMO that ensures you get the expertise you need right now and also someone who is a good culture fit for your company.

Along with coaching your marketing team, a fractional CMO can help you with the following:

  • Be a part-time, executive addition to a management team
  • Coaching services for marketing development
  • Advisory services for CEO support
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Marketing audits & Digital marketing strategies

To be introduced to the right fit:



If you’ve read Cameron’s book Vivid Vision® then you’ll know how important it is to communicate your vision in a way others not only understand but also get inspired by it.

If you’ve not yet crafted a Vivid Vision®, you need one. Period. You want all your employees, customers & suppliers to be aligned with your vision and be able to see what you see.

That’s when the magic happens. Everything happens to flow smoothly like butter – without any friction.

We know a professional copy & design firm that can help you craft your own Vivid Vision®.

They are our partners on all things related to Vivid Vision® – also we’ll be directly introducing you to their CEO to save you some time and ensure some “skip the queue” service.

They’ve already helped more than 450 companies to extract, write, and design their 3 years of Vivid Vision®.

To be introduced to the right fit:

If you’re thinking of using EOS/Traction – and you really want someone skilled to help you.  I know a few amazing people who’ve done it for years.

EOS tools can potentially put an end to all your business frustration. Every business needs that in order to make sure the business is healthy.

This firms I know work remotely with your organization and implements EOS traction in your company seamlessly.  One of the firms ONLY works with female CEOs who want to implement Traction.

AND, if you’re already EOS but you’re outgrowing it and are ready for the next step – We’ve got a great introduction for you there as well.

To be introduced to the right fit:

If you are spending $40K to $50K MINIMUM a month on marketing & you’re frustrated doing it on your own then you need a solid digital marketing agency that delivers results.

It doesn’t make sense to get a director of marketing to spend that budget for you.

At the same time, you don’t need a Madison avenue firm where your retainer goes for a $25,000 espresso machine and a 20-year-old “consultant”.

There is this one agency I trust that has delivered great ROI for my clients as well.

I can introduce you to this agency with customized data-driven, performance solutions to launch, scale, and invigorate businesses of all sizes, industries, and revenue models.

Here is what they can assist you with:

  • Strategy
  • Branding & production
  • Media buying
  • Web design
  • Content & social media
  • Photo & video
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO
  • Paid search, etc.

To be introduced to the right fit:



Did you know?

…that a company’s commercial real estate lease is usually their 2nd or 3rd largest expense?

…that commercial leases are typically the least flexible agreements companies have?

….that over half of corporate bankruptcies are initiated to break real estate leases?

…that most real estate brokers are NOT actually on your side despite what they claim?

f you need new or additional facilities, or have space that is too big or too small (or that just no longer works for your workforce’s needs) it’s time to re-evaluate, renegotiate, and recession-proof your commercial real estate.

The global commercial real estate advisory firm we trust and recommend only represents tenants like you, never landlords or developers. They specialize in maximize their clients’ negotiating power to secure the right space at the right terms, all while reducing your cost and risk. 

Specifically, they help office, industrial, healthcare, and retail tenants like you:

  • Find and negotiate new leases
  • Renew, renegotiate, sublease, or terminate existing leases
  • Purchase buildings, buy land to build or sell owned properties

To be introduced to the right fit:



Building a cohesive team and company culture is not just nice to have; it’s essential. You cannot realize the potential of your vivid vision without it.

A winning culture yields immense benefits including increased engagement, productivity, and innovation. Without it, companies face a revolving door of employee turnover and the significant cost and business disruption that comes with it.

In today’s increasingly remote and hybrid work environments, it can be more challenging than ever to get teamwork and culture right.

Let us introduce you to a partner we trust to help your teams build strong, productive work relationships that lead to breakthrough results and long-term retention. Best of all – they’re 100% fun and 0% PowerPoint.

Here is what they can assist you with:

  • Team building experiences (virtual and in-person) 
  • Culture consulting 
  • Company/team offsite design and facilitation 
  • Rewards and recognition programs
  • Team social activities (virtual and in-person)
  • Keynote speaking

To be introduced to the right fit:



If you’re a CEO – you need a book.

Why do the top 5 % of CEOs like Richard Branson & Phil Knight have a book?

It’s not an accident. They all understand the power of one well-written book

The Positioning. The Marketing Power. The Recruiting Power.

It’s irresponsible to not have your own book, especially if you have at least a decade of experience.

I’m writing my 6th book right now.

I’ve introduced dozens & dozens of CEOs to this company.

They are not just a publishing company, but they also help you with writing, marketing, printing, and designing a killer book for you. And if you already have the book “written” they can help you with editing and getting it into print also.

In the last 7 years more than 2,000 executives just like you have published their very own authority-building book with the help of this firm.

To be introduced to the right fit:



Feeling trapped in day-to-day details? Seeking strategic guidance?

It’s clear: Your expanding business needs a mastermind behind its operations, a strategist to harmonize vision with execution.

Not every business is ready for a full-time COO. Enter the Fractional COO.

Think of a Fractional COO as your part-time operational maestro, adeptly strategizing, aligning, and executing to transition your vision seamlessly into daily operations.

We’ve seen businesses evolve rapidly with the right-fit COO steering the operational helm. It’s an investment in clarity, efficiency, and sustainable growth.

Ready for an operational upgrade? Connect with a Fractional COO perfectly aligned to your business’s nuances. It’s not just hiring; it’s forging a strategic alliance.

Does your business run on a specific system, like EOS? We’ve got you covered with Fractional Integrators as well.

Why consider hiring a Fractional COO?

  • Optimize Operations: Streamline processes for smooth, efficient scaling.
  • Bridge Vision & Reality: Translate CEO vision into actionable operational strategies.
  • Shape Company Culture: Ensure values are integrated into daily operations.
  • Mitigate Risks: Proactively identify and address operational vulnerabilities.
  • Free Up CEO Focus: Allow big-picture strategy and innovation to take center stage.
  • Subject Matter Expertise: Fill in gaps with specialized knowledge and skills, tailored to your business’s unique needs.
  • Enhance Leadership: Foster coaching and continuous professional development for your team, driving them towards excellence.

To be introduced to the right fit:



If you run a business, you already know how hard it is to find the right marketing partners.

You’ve used referrals, marketplaces like Upwork, and even shout-outs in groups on Facebook. Then, the people you meet with, promise you the world – and proceed to disappoint, over and over.

Did you know businesses typically go through 3-5 marketing partners before finding the right one? 

That wastes:

  • Years of time
  • 10’s of thousands of dollars 
  • Tons of unreclaimable energy 
But it doesn’t have to be like that. Have you ever heard of a marketing broker? Picture a portal for all things marketing,except it’s a human, one that has already met 700+ marketing agencies and has vetted that list down to 90 preferred partners. 


Their sole purpose is to make sure you start with the right relationships that match the size and intention of your business.

So if you are looking for help with:

  • Building your next website
  • Updating your branding (and the strategy around that)
  • Finding a fractional CMO for your business
  • Running successful paid ads that actually give you the return you want
  • The complex world of SEO (and partners that actually deliver)
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
…and anything else in marketing and development, this is your secret resource.
Every business owner needs a marketing broker. They’re like your very own personal consultant who’s actually got skin in the game, because their entire business is set up around making sure their clients get the partners they need. 

Email us to set up a free consultation.

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