Here is Why You Need a Vivid Vision

Here is Why You Need a Vivid Vision

Vision statements and mission statements are useless.

They don’t work.
They have never worked.
They will never work.

Why? Because this is how they are made…

You get a bunch of smart people in the room. You put a bunch of your favorite words up on whiteboards. You vote on the words. You eliminate all the words that got no votes. And you try to mash up the leftover words into some sentence adding in some great adjectives and adverbs to highlight them.

And that’s your vision statement.

Mission statements are done similarly – just a bunch of pretty words that sound nice together put into a sentence that you think will make your company sound awesome and attract clients/customers.

The fact of the matter is that the one sentence mashup you come up with does not align anyone. It does not inspire anyone, and it certainly doesn’t show everyone where you’re going.

What do you do instead? Create a Vivid Vision.

Vivid Vision is something I’ve been talking about for years because the fact of the matter is that they work. They unite everyone in your company and inspire them to do their best, and make the vision come true.

To learn more, please watch this video and/or read Chapter 1 of Double Double. That way you’ll understand how to write one for your business.

Vision statements don’t work, Vivid Visions do.

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