Tips for CEOs – #1: Hire a Second in Command

Tips for CEOs – #1: Hire a Second in Command

There comes the point in every company’s growth where you have to hire a second in command. The reason you need to hire a second in command is because you really need to leverage your time – the time of the entrepreneur (the CEO), ensuring that you have time to do what you do best.

But first off, before you go ahead and hire the second in command, you need to hire an executive assistant. I’ve said it before, and you’ll hear me say it again – but if you don’t have an executive assistant…you are one. Hiring an EA will cost you much less than a COO or second in command, and will free up a lot of time. And often an entrepreneur makes a bit critical mistake because they hire the second in command first and end up spending a lot of money before they need to.

If you are looking to hire I suggest reading one of my previous blogs The Top Five Reasons to Use Search Firms.

Of course, once you hire and onboard your COO you’ll need to ensure that they are continuing to learn and grow – so what better way to do that then have them join the COO Alliance. Click here to apply today.

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