Tips for COOs – #2: Avoiding Burnout

Tips for COOs – #2: Avoiding Burnout

It’s crucial for you – the COO – to make sure you don’t burn out in your role.

The fact is that you are in such a high-stress environment – working with a high-growth company with lots of demands on your time, whether it be from people and projects or just the stress of growth and average day to day operartions.

It’s essential for you to take care of your health.

Tips to Avoid Burning Out

– start slowly in the morning
– get enough exercise
– eat nutritiously throughout the day
– take walking breaks
– take de-stress breaks

These things will not only help you to protect your confidence but will ensure that both your mind and body are fit.

In the past, I have tried to get a lot of COOs to only schedule 70 percent of their calendar and leave 30 percent of their calendar available as buffer time. After that, it’s just making sure that you do not overwork yourself throughout the week. If you can remember one thing, and one thing only, it’s that you are never going to get it all done. Do not try to catch up on evenings and weekends, because there will always be more goals and projects coming down the pipeline as soon as you finish what you’re currently working on.

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