Raise Your Goals – Empire State Building was Built in 419 Days…

Raise Your Goals – Empire State Building was Built in 419 Days…

Raise Your Company’s Goals for 2018

The Empire State Building was built in 419 Days. If they could do that, surely you can grow more than you’re planning on right now.

Most companies simply set themselves up to grow slowly, by setting goals that are too low. I remember a specific phone call with a CEO a few years back who said to me, well, we’ll grow by 15%. 

I challenged him to reach higher with his company’s goals, and he decided that 40% was much smarter, and also very doable too.

It’s better to set high goals for yourself and fall a little short, than is it is set tiny goals and reach them. Think about it, if his goal was 40% and his company only reached 30%, they have still achieved double the original number he gave me.

If they could build the Empire State Building in 419 days, perhaps you’re not stretching yourself and your employees enough.

  • Set your goals for 2018
  • Commit to 10 projects to make those goals happen
  • Break the projects down into all the tasks that need to get done
  • And then work your plan…

Another thing that is important thing to remember is that sharing is good. Sharing your ideas (and goals) with others is one of the best ways to make sure they come to fruition.

Plan your work, and work your plan.  Don’t set yourself up for low growth. You’re better than that.

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