It’s My Future (And I’ll Dream Big If I Want To)

It’s My Future (And I’ll Dream Big If I Want To)

What do you see in your future?

I’ve looked into my future, and I like what I see. No, I didn’t go see an old gypsy woman or sift through any tea leaves. I just chilled out in my hammock, closed my eyes and visualized where I was going to be professionally and personally in three years.

In the end, I detailed that future in a three or four-page document that is formally known as a Vivid Vision.

I want as many people as possible to read this Vivid Vision and not only because I think it’s a pretty interesting read, but because the more friends, colleagues, suppliers and contacts who see where I want to go, the bigger the network I have on my side helping to make it come true.

You can find it on our website, or right in your inbox if you want it. I’m not shy about sharing.

So where do I see myself by the end of 2018, you might ask? Well, I’m not quite the Leader of the Free World (yet) but I will have grown COO Alliance by leaps and bounds, and sprinkled in a little world travel to boot.

You see, helping businesses is what I love to do. So it makes sense that I’ll still be doing it in three years. Only by then, I envision helping higher profile clients and speaking at prestigious events at exotic locals around the world.

I envision companies so hungry to align themselves with me and everything I stand for, they’ll advertise on my iPhone, my laptop, my website etc. And to ensure the companies we work with see their logos, these same companies are willing supply me with clothes, luggage and car leases.

The media will constantly turn to me as an expert when it comes to my areas of expertise. Expect to see me on CNBC, CNN, BNN and other major news networks when they need an expert in entrepreneurship, franchising, growing companies and more.

Future me is a very balanced, happy individual. I don’t get caught up in scanning the horizon because I’ll already be “there”. I’ll even bring my family alone to some of the more exciting speaking tours I undertake.

Some of you might argue that this future is a little too perfect or overly optimistic. But that’s the point! Where’s the fun in envisioning a future where you maintain the status quo?

I dream big, I set it out on paper and I busy myself making it come true. It’s what’s always worked (it got me where I am today) and it’s what will make this optimistic vision come true by 2019.

Yup, my future looks pretty awesome. Now, it’s up to me to get to work making it happen. What’s in store for you?

The COO Alliance is here to help with these, and many other, challenges facing COOs today. For more information, apply now.

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