Build Your Company Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

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Build Your Company Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Consider doing this for your next quarterly or annual strategic planning meeting. Leave the session with ONLY 10 core projects to focus on for the quarter (smaller ones) or year (larger ones). Either way – limit them to 10.

Your TOP 10 List…

– Pick you TOP 4 on this list are going to be the CORE Projects, the corner pieces of the jigsaw puzzle

– The next 4 are your projects that are next in line, the side pieces of the jigsaw puzzle puzzle

– The last 2 are your shiny projects, the middle pieces of the jigsaw puzzle

Focusing on the ‘critical few’ projects over the ‘important many’ is how build your business like a jigsaw puzzle.

It is essential to ensure you do them in that order. So – if it comes down to not completing two, make sure it’s the last two (not the first two). The top four projects are essentially the building blocks from which the other projects work from – so make sure the top 4 are complete before you start anything else.

Using this is a method will also make sense to all of your employees too, which means that there is no confusion on the importance of ongoing projects.

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Written By Cameron Herold

Written By Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold is known around the world as THE CEO WHISPERER. He is the mastermind behind hundreds of company's exponential growth. Cameron's built a dynamic consultancy: his current clients include a "Big 4" wireless carrier and a monarchy. What do his clients say they like most about him? He isn't a theory guy they like that Cameron speaks only from experience. He earned his reputation as the CEO Whisperer by guiding his clients to double their profit and double their revenue in just three years or less. Cameron is a top-rated international speaker and has been paid to speak in 26 countries. He is also the top-rated lecturer at EO/MIT's Entrepreneurial Masters Program and a powerful and effective speaker at Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer leadership events around the world.

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