Use A Rifle To Find Top Leaders

Use A Rifle To Find Top Leaders

If you’re contemplating the use of a search firm, chances are you are looking for top leaders to join your team. There are thousands of search firms to choose from and, making the right choice depends on the criteria you use in your selection process.

Here are a few tips and questions to think about when looking for a search firm:

Purpose, culture, and values matter! As you consider your search firm options, dig into the overall philosophical alignment between your company and that of the search firm. Do you align? Will your search partner challenge your thinking and push you to hire a better leader? Make sure you select a search firm that understands your company’s purpose, values, and culture. Most search firms know how to find individuals with the technical aptitude to do the job – that’s the easy part. The best search firms find leaders who are profoundly connected to your purpose, align with your values, and fit into your culture.

Engagement matters! The Gallup organization states the number one reason why employee engagement is so low is due to poor leadership. People are more than just a resume, and it takes more than experience to be a leader. Does your search firm partner have a process that helps you benchmark the performance objectives of the role, uncover the requisite behavioral/personality profile of the position, and deliver an individual who cares about the same things your company cares about? Finding a leader who can influence real change and win the hearts and minds of your team can be the difference maker.

People matter! The best leaders are constantly being bombarded with job offers. Is your search firm partner setting themselves apart through their outreach efforts/approach? Are they merely using the same ‘rolodex’ they’ve always used? Transformational leaders have higher expectations; they want to know what your company stands for, the difference you are trying to make in the world, and that you care about more than just their resume. Be thoughtful in which search firm you select – their philosophy and process will have a tremendous impact on the future of your company.

Now, here are five reasons to use a search/staffing company (not retained) when looking for leaders to join your team.

1. Confidential representation and a proactive approach to connecting with quality candidates and leaders, often with a replacement guarantee. Hiring a third party agency gives you the ability to discreetly call into your competitors.

2. Hiring Experts: Provide consultation and guidance to further define the role your hiring for and pinpoint ideal candidates.

3. Resources and Outreach: Search firms have the strength and focus to reach out to many more candidates. Search firms expand your pool of candidates and save your company time.

4. Stay focused on your core business: Search firms are always hiring and reaching out to thousands of professionals each day. Outsourcing a critical hire can save you and your team countless hours sourcing, screening, interviewing, and reference checks.

5. Objectivity: Professional search firms offer a consistently objective hiring process, which avoids biases, building continuity throughout the hiring process. Search firms streamline the hiring process, eliminating many of the variables involved in a critical search.

Another thing to consider when hiring is allowing your current employees to be part of the decision process. Once you’re search firm has done it’s job and found you some amazing canidates, be sure to get employee input!

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