Tips for COOs – #4: The Vivid Vision

Tips for COOs – #4: The Vivid Vision

As a COO it is crucial that you know how the entrepreneur or CEO sees the future of the company so that you can map out how to grow. You need to be clear about the CEOs vision for the company in order to do your job.

The real fix for that is called Vivid Vision.

The Vivid Vision is a four or five-page document that takes all of the ideas out of the mind of the CEO and gets them onto paper. This document is essential not only for the COO but for all the employees, vendors, anyone who has anything to do with the company – including customers.

Having a Vivid Vision allows the COO to make plans necessary to make that vision a reality.

If you want to learn more about the Vivid Vision, I do a good job illustrating it in my books Double Double and Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs, as well as my newest book Vivid Vision.

We also talk a lot about Vivid Vision in the COO Alliance. If you want to learn more, apply now to become a member.

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