Stop Using the phrase “No Problem…”

Stop Using the phrase “No Problem…”

People take action based on how they feel, unless they are forced into another choice.

In business, however, it is unlikely that you can force your customers to like your products. Purchasing decisions are made depending on how your product makes the customer feel or how the customer feels about the product.

You want their experience to be a positive one.

That is the principle of marketing. The language that you use is only as successful as the feelings created in the target audience. 

Why would you choose to go negative with your clients and team members?

When you say “No problem”, you are using two negative words in a row!

No. Problem. Both of those are negative words. Negative phrases, words, or expressions pose several problems in any form of communication. For one, they can lead to a misunderstanding. Take the expression ‘No problem’, in its literal form, it leaves one wondering, was there originally a problem?

What problem?

It is meaningless to tell your clients or team what they don’t want to know. Rather, tell them what they want to know. Tell them what they need to know or what they are supposed to do.

Jack Daly suggests a better way to go about addressing your audiences: use phrases like “for sure”, “happy to”, “absolutely”, “my pleasure”, and other positive words, instead of the negative.  Think of the success Chick-Fil-A has with their “my pleasure” level of service.  It makes your customers feel good.

Positive words endear you to your listeners or readers. Naturally, such positive language tends to work in your favor. They dissolve the possibility of conflict, reduce defensiveness in other people, and help improve communication. They portray you as a credible and respectable person and make it easier for you to drive your agenda home.

When you are addressing your team or clients, you are asking them to take a certain action or accept a certain idea. The last thing you want is a bad image. The safest way to win them over is by taking a friendly attitude. Only positive language can create that image.

There are several other ways to engage and motivate your team (and clients) and ensure they are not walking away with any negative thoughts.

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