Check Your Modesty at the Door

Check Your Modesty at the Door

When a COO envisions their future – as well as the future of their company – they often downplay their potential successes to avoid coming off as conceited or pompous.

It’s a delicate balance for sure. When I put together my Vivid Vision, I see myself swimming in success. My speaking calendar is full, my roster of clients has grown and includes fantastic brands, and the COO Alliance is consistently adding amazing members. Even my home life is balanced and surprising.

If you know me personally, you know I am not a cocky, arrogant braggart — so why all the sudden bravado?

Having big dreams means setting lofty goals. And lofty goals ensure success, even if you don’t quite achieve them. Before you laugh, let me explain.

If you picture yourself as Chief Operations Officer, or Chief Executive Officer, in a sparkling modern new office or see your image on the cover of Fast Company, you’ve set the bar pretty high. You’ll need to work hard to get there. You might fall short, but undoubtedly the effort you put in trying to make these visions a reality will have you moving in a positive direction.

What’s the benefit of thinking of your company growing by a steady 10% a year? Or envisioning a future where you’ve hired ten new employees? You can achieve these ‘goals’ with just a small bit of effort.

Some might call grand visions of success as egotistical. I call it confident optimism.

I’ll admit this has been a hard sell to clients in the past. When I try to get them to write down some of these lofty goals in their Vivid Visions, be it appearing on an iPad commercial or landing Fortune 500 clients, they balk. “People who read this will think I’m delusional,” they say.

“Let them!” I reply. History is littered with doubters who scoffed at big dreamers. It never stopped visionaries like Henry Ford or Sam Walton. In fact, I bet it motivated them.

Do you think Steve Jobs let modesty temper the vision he set out for Apple? He was famous for sharing his far-out views, and then creating an environment where achieving them is the only option. Engineers or managers that thought his ideas were unattainable just didn’t last.

So forget the humility, you need to pump yourself up in your own Vivid Vision. If you aren’t going to do it, who will?

Setting goals is an important part of the COO Training that COO Alliance memeber receive, and our members have set some amazing goals for their companies after attending our events and networking with other COOs.

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