Ep. 335 – Nelson Elder Care Law, COO, Kim Roberson

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron Herold is joined by Kim Roberson, COO of Nelson Elder Care Law and a COO Alliance Member, as she shares her journey and insights into effective leadership and organizational growth. Known for her expertise in identifying and nurturing talent, Kim emphasizes the importance of aligning individual growth with organizational objectives. Her approach centers not just on finding the right people but also on fostering their development, whether it’s within the firm or beyond.

Kim’s leadership philosophy has been instrumental in Nelson Elder Care Law’s remarkable growth, including a doubling of the company’s size during her tenure. She also made a strategic move from HR to COO within two years. The firm, under her leadership, focuses on providing comprehensive elder care legal services, distinguishing itself in estate planning and long-term care preparation. This focus on “preparing for life’s curveballs” demonstrates a unique approach to legal services, prioritizing clients’ peace of mind and family well-being.

Cameron and Kim discuss her leadership journey, offering valuable insights into effective team building and management in a rapidly growing company. Her experience transitioning a management team, integrating new roles, and maintaining a cohesive work culture amidst growth provides practical lessons for leaders and managers. They also explore the strategic use of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in driving organizational focus and addressing key business challenges.



In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Kim transitioned from HR to the COO role in just two years, with insights into navigating leadership roles within a rapidly expanding company.
  • Identifying and developing the right people for a team and the importance of aligning personal growth with organizational goals.
  • The role of strategic planning and adaptability in doubling the company size.
  • The challenges of integrating a new management team, as well as tips for maintaining a cohesive culture during periods of significant change.
  • How Nelson Elder Care Law utilizes EOS for focused growth and issue resolution.
  • Strategies for gaining client trust and the significance of referrals in the legal industry.
  • And much more…



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