Ep. 321 – How To Grow Your People so They Can Grow Your Business

In this episode of the Second in Command podcast, host Cameron Herold engages in a conversation about internal leadership development with a seasoned CEO. The discussion kicks off with the significance of the cultural aspect in business, emphasizing the “why” behind actions. The CEO stresses the importance of creating training videos for consistent and efficient onboarding, allowing CEOs to step back from repetitive training sessions. The conversation then shifts to a real-world success story where the implementation of a vivid vision resulted in significant team alignment and accelerated growth.

As the CEO Alliance founder, Cameron delves into his entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the need for a coaching program specifically designed for second-in-commands. The guest CEO shares insights into an internal leadership development system, emphasizing the long-standing goal of growing people within an organization. The conversation touches on the simplicity of business, drawing parallels with teaching the basics in sports.

Ready to revolutionize your leadership approach? Tune in to the full episode now for a deeper understanding and practical insights.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The importance of the cultural side in business
  • Utilizing a vivid vision for team alignment
  • Implementing training videos for consistent onboarding
  • The genesis of an internal leadership development system
  • The simplicity of business growth through individual growth
  • And so much more!



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