Ep. 320 – Aslan Corporation, COO, Peter Chapa

Have you considered being a successful CEO-COO, sitting in the company’s C-suite line?

Do you want to learn how shared values and mentorship can contribute to the success of your bottom line?

In this episode of the Second In Command Podcast, we dive into the leadership journey of Peter Chapa. With a nine-year career within the same company, Peter carries a unique path to leadership that can bring value to both seasoned and aspiring CEOs.

Peter shares his remarkable journey and insights into building a thriving business while maintaining a strong working relationship with his mentor, Aaron.

In this episode, you will also learn:

  • The significance of mentorship
  • The importance of moral alignment
  • The ways to resolve conflict within a CEO-COO partnership

Don’t miss the episode that can transform your thinking about leadership.

Enjoy listening!


What You Will Learn In The Show:

  • Shared Values and Moral Alignment: Peter and Aaron’s shared moral compass, rooted in their faith, forms the bedrock of their strong working relationship. This alignment strengthens their bond and provides a consistent ethical foundation for their company’s culture.
  • Learning from Mistakes: Peter recounts instances where he made costly errors that could have jeopardized the company. However, Aaron’s approach to addressing these issues was rooted in a growth mindset, focusing on learning and improvement rather than blame.
  • CEO-COO Dynamics: The podcast explores how Peter and Aaron complement each other’s strengths as a CEO-COO duo. Peter’s systematic and operational mindset complements Aaron’s entrepreneurial spirit, making their partnership highly effective.
  • CEO Alliance Membership: Peter discusses his recent enrollment in the CEO Alliance and highlights the invaluable knowledge-sharing and support he has gained from the community. He emphasizes connecting with like-minded CEOs who understand the imposter syndrome that often accompanies leadership roles.
  • And so much more…



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