Ep. 317 – Elevate Your Hiring Game

Are you struggling to find the perfect person to be your company’s second-in-command?

In this episode, Cameron Herold, an expert in building effective leadership teams- shares invaluable insights on hiring the right fit for this critical role.

This episode will allow you to discover the art of:

  • Polarizing job postings
  • Evaluating core behavioral traits in candidates
  • And spotting red flags during your hiring process

You will also learn effective recruiting strategies while emphasizing the need to invest in your team’s growth. 

Get ready to transform your hiring approach and build a winning team that will propel your business forward. With the right recruitment strategies, you gain the opportunity to strengthen your organization.

Because you never know…

The secret to your company’s success may be through the people you find!

Enjoy listening!

What You Will Learn In The Show:

  • Crafting job postings that attract the right candidates.
  • Defining and evaluating core behavioral traits while you hold interviews
  • Prioritizing cultural fit for a harmonious team.
  • Identifying red flags during the hiring process.
  • Implementing effective recruiting strategies.
  • Reconsidering equity as compensation in most companies.
  • Investing in your team’s growth for improved company performance.



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