Ep. 314 – GrowRev, COO, Rohit Sheth

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In today’s episode, Cameron talks to Rohit Sheth, the COO of GrowRev. Rohit and his brother Rohan have successfully built a thriving digital marketing agency with remarkable growth. Rohit discusses how GrowRev has achieved exceptional growth, the shift to managing their own marketing, sponsoring mastermind events, their unique internal culture, and leveraging advisory boards.

Rohit also touches upon his experience with an intern, Connor, Cameron’s son. In addition, he delves into the intricate dynamics of working with his brother, who is the CEO of GrowRev. Rohit explains the key elements that have contributed to their close-knit team. In addition, Rohit discusses their strategies for maintaining a cohesive work environment in a hybrid setup with both remote and in-office teams. He explains the agency’s ability to work efficiently with fewer employees and achieve higher revenue per employee.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Hiring and training interns, with a focus on culture and learning.
  • Growing a business with a brother.
  • How the balance between collaboration and independent work has contributed to their successful partnership.
  • The importance of CEO-COO “date nights”
  • Referral-based approach for staffing and client acquisition. 
  • Maintaining a strong company culture in a hybrid work setup. 
  • GrowRev’s approach to marketing and advertising. 
  • GrowRev strategic shift towards mergers and acquisitions (M&A). 
  • Rohit recommended spot for tiramisu in Vancouver.



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