Ep. 313 – 50x Your Fitness Studio

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In this episode, Cameron and Mike Arce, hosts of the GSD Show, take a deep dive into core values and their practical application in the workplace. Cameron introduces a powerful alternative to conventional vision statements by unveiling the concept of vivid visions.

They explore the significance of categorizing tasks into four distinct types: incompetent, competent, excellent, and unique ability. They also shed light on the benefits of leveraging platforms such as Upwork to outsource tasks rather than creating unnecessary full-time positions. Cameron emphasizes the key role of effective delegation and stresses the importance of clear communication regarding desired outcomes, ROI expectations, and defined time and resource constraints. Cameron classifies employees into three distinct categories: A-players, B-players, and C-players, offering valuable insights into optimizing your team’s performance.

In addition, Cameron addresses 11 traits that characterize entrepreneurial individuals, which, interestingly, mirror traits associated with clinical diagnoses such as bipolar disorder or manic depression.

Ready to take your fitness studio to new heights with Cameron’s expert advice? Tune in now to discover a transformative roadmap of actionable strategies and profound insights that will help you supercharge your fitness studio business and achieve unparalleled success!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The value of strong business operations and customer service.
  • The concept of a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal).
  • How to replace vision statements with vivid visions. 
  • How to determine your effective hourly rate. 
  • Why you need to invest wisely in advertising channels. 
  • Having a simple, foolproof system.
  • How to introduce scorecards and metrics to your team effectively. 



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