Ep. 309 – Fastgrowingtrees.com, COO, Matthew Graham

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In this episode, Cameron talks to Matthew Graham, COO of Fastgrowingtrees.com. He shares some funny yet effective marketing tactics that caught people’s attention. He recounts the time when Jeff Booth, CEO of BuildDirect, playfully used military helicopters for delivering construction materials instead of drones, leaving people in splits. Another successful campaign involved privacy trees and nosy neighbors, emphasizing the importance of relatable and engaging marketing.

Matthew dives into his own experience of joining a new company and how he immersed himself in understanding the business. He emphasizes the significance of connecting with team members at various levels, gathering insights from the field, and becoming data-driven to make informed decisions. The discussion transitions into onboarding remote executives, a challenge many companies face. While there might not be a one-size-fits-all solution, a combination of physical visits, virtual meetings, and individual check-ins seems promising.

If you’re curious about how humor can be a game-changer in marketing and want to explore effective ways of onboarding remote executives, tune in to this enlightening episode now.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • How humor can be a powerful tool in marketing campaigns.
  • Strategies for onboarding remote executives and integrating them into the team.
  • The importance of understanding your business deeply and using data to drive decisions.
  • Balancing customer experience with cost-effectiveness in business operations.
  • Creative ways to engage audiences and make your marketing memorable.



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