Ep. 308 – Business and Beers

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In this episode, Cameron Herold talks to Brian about the crucial stages of an entrepreneurial journey. As an experienced business mentor, Cameron sheds light on the different growth phases, from small startups to scaling with hundreds of employees. He emphasizes that finding the right second-in-command is pivotal for achieving strategic thinking and sustainable expansion. He also highlights how the wrong hires at certain stages can lead to inefficiencies and stunted growth.

If you’re a business owner navigating growth challenges or looking to transform your business with the right strategic mindset, dive into the full episode now for actionable insights and strategies.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The progressive stages of entrepreneurial growth: from 1 to 3 employees, 10 to 30, 30 to 100, and beyond.
  • Why hiring an executive assistant before a second-in-command is often a smarter move.
  • How bringing in a capable second-in-command allows for strategic thinking and optimization.
  • The importance of leadership development and mentoring during the growth journey.
  • Balancing growth efforts with managing the existing aspects of the business.
  • Identifying the tipping point where you need a CEO or strong leadership team.
  • Insights into the right moment to invest in automation, optimization, and leveraging AI.
  • Strategies to achieve growth with fewer resources through strategic thinking.




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