Ep. 310 – Unbound Merino, COO, Andrew Cariboni

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In today’s episode, Cameron talks to Andrew Cariboni, COO at Unbound Merino. Andrew discusses various aspects of his role as the second-in-command, including the company’s growth, his long-standing relationship with the CEO since childhood, hiring his spouse, dealing with cash flow challenges, and managing the company’s rapid scaling. The episode also covers how the company uses pre-orders to manage cash flow and the importance of outsourcing.

Andrew discusses his professional development as COO and his efforts to learn from other entrepreneurs by venturing out of his comfort zone. The discussion will explore whether there is a difference in approach between second-in-commands and CEOs. Andrew reflects on the highs and lows of his journey. In addition, Andrew addresses inventory management, while Cameron introduces an inventory management formula known as the “240 number” for optimal inventory management.

Get ready for inspiring insights, behind-the-scenes stories, and practical advice on growth, cash flow, and teamwork. Tune in now and level up your business game. 


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The value of engaging with a diverse community of entrepreneurs.
  • About Unbound Merino, including their unique selling point and their decision-making process.
  • Andrew’s approach to deciding between in-house or agency outsourcing.
  • The importance of understanding and managing cash flow.
  • Their hybrid approach, implementing both the Scaling Up model and the EOS framework.
  • Learning to let go of tasks and delegate effectively as entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • Seeking second opinions on expert advice.



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