Ep. 303 – Rethinking Execution

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In today’s episode of The Second in Command, we’re featuring a conversation between Cameron and the host of Rethinking Execution, Scott Levy. They discuss bridging the strategy execution gap that occurs when a company scales itself to greater and greater revenues. They examine the vivid vision concept, outlining how it synthesizes the best ideas from some of the best people on the planet. They also discuss the importance of putting your core values in the spotlight – hiring to them, as well as ensuring your employees live by them, talk about them, and reinforce them.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The CEO and COO dynamic: the CEO cheerleads the vision while the COO focuses on making it happen.
  • Why leaning out 3 years into the future gives you time to innovate and iterate, while maintaining a healthy sense of urgency.
  • Why CEOs and COOs should delegate and automate 70-80% of things on their plates to focus on growing people, culture, and employee engagement.
  • Why big changes/sticking points tend to come on threes.



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