Ep. 304 – The Ops Spot, Co-Founder, Jhana Li

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Our guest today is Jhana Li, co-founder of The Ops Spot with Cameron. Jhana describes herself as, “operations-obsessed, with proven experience developing scalable remote teams and infrastructure. I am a systems thinker, who can simultaneously evaluate a company at the 30,000-foot and 3-foot level, and execute in the way that serves both.” Her expertise lies in scaling early-stage startups. Born from her own experiences as a COO and Head Operations Coach for hundreds of digital companies, she now trains early-stage Operators in her Spyglass Academy. In today’s episode, they discuss some of the major challenges that operators encounter as they try to grow themselves and their careers and advocate for themselves in the context of a larger business.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The two major reasons why the ops spot is essential to offer to operators.
  • Why the future of operations is being defined in real time.
  • The only people in operations that should be worried about AI, and the only ones who are not leveraging it.
  • The hold nothing back core value, and how it differentiates the Ops Spot community from any other community.



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