Ep. 302 – Unleash the Power of Your Second in Command

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In today’s episode of The Second in Command, we’re featuring a conversation between Cameron and Entrepreneur on Fire host John Lee Dumas. They discuss the importance of enjoying the journey, having some fun, laughing a little, and spending time with the people that matter most, because this is just what we do to pay our bills. They look at the role of the second in command: to be really good at the stuff that the entrepreneur sucks at. Cameron also offers some thoughts on understanding and committing to your company’s core values, and ensuring that your COO will obsess over the same core values that you do in your organization.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why Cameron believes that you don’t have to work hard to be successful, you have to work smart.
  • Why the CEO and COO are the ‘yin and yang’ of an organization.
  • The three reasons why an entrepreneur starts a business.
  • How to choose the right person as your COO.



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