Ep. 168 – Rankings.io President, Steven Willi

Ep. 168 – Rankings.io President, Steven Willi

Our guest today is COO Alliance Member, Steven Willi, President of Rankings.io. 

Steven Willi joined Rankings.io, formerly known as AttorneyRankings.org, in 2013 as a web developer and only the second employee of the company. In the years that followed, he honed his SEO skills and his position rose as rapidly as Rankings’ growth. He has been Rankings’ Lead Developer, Creative Director, CTO, and Vice President.

Today, he is the President and leads the Operations division of the company, simultaneously overseeing the work of nearly all operational employees and also continuing to “get his hands dirty” in the production of a wide range of digital assets.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The Kolbe profiles of Steven and his CEO 
  • How Steven interacts with his CEO who is a high D on the DISC assessment 
  • How Steven became the de facto second in command over Rankings.io 
  • The core resources Steven has used 
  • What makes the yin and yang partnership so strong and complement each other    



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Rankings.io – https://rankings.io


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