Ep. 164 – Greetly COO, Chris Morin

Ep. 164 – Greetly COO, Chris Morin

Our guest today is Chris Morin, the COO of Greetly. 

Chris is accountable for achieving Greetly’s business objectives and serves as a thought partner to the CEO. A major element of his role is anticipating the needs of their team. This includes defining the rights and positions before they exist and recognizing which structures of the business must change for them to grow. Additionally, Chris serves as CFO and owns the brand and product of an emerging DoD-focused product.

Prior to Greetly, Chris was the 1st hire and ran operations for Veho, going through the Techstars Boulder accelerator program. The company scaled rapidly, going from 0 to 1 MM ARR in about a year. They were a logistics heavy technology startup and had to anticipate the needs of the business. It required a very special kind of mindset from anyone who wanted to work with them, since they often defaulted to action, were extremely results-oriented, yet had to work within tight resource constraints.  

Before both of those roles, Chris was a Special Tactics Officer in the Air Force for 8 years. He was blessed to serve in leadership positions, and one of his favorite assignments was a deployment where he led around 50 soldiers spread across Iraq and Syria. Chris utilized a core team, and together they directed 6 distinct types of missions that performed everything from field surgical care on the front lines of Syria, engineering surveys of dry lake beds in the middle of the desert, and more. 

Outside of work, Chris lives in Denver and enjoys traveling, and also snow and water sports.  Some examples are snowboarding in Colorado or kitesurfing in Hawaii. He recently got to help teach his 6-year-old son to snowboard, and now he’s hooked. Chris hopes he’ll be ready to come on some more adventures soon!


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • What it was like working with Brad Feld from Techstars 
  • How Chris and his CEO, Dave, balance each other in order to obtain their unified vision
  • What leadership skills that Chris pulled from his time at the Air Force that he is using as COO of Greetly today
  • The experience of selling to the government/military 
  • What it is like going through the funding rounds with Greetly 
  • What are the day-to-day operations like with Greetly 
  • How to synthesize all the ideas that are coming in from multiple sources



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Greetly – https://www.greetly.com


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