Ep. 147 – Beyond Academics Operating Partner, Joe Abraham

Ep. 147 – Beyond Academics Operating Partner, Joe Abraham

Our guest today is Joe Abraham Operating Partner for Beyond Academics. Joe is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning business advisor, and author of the critically acclaimed book “Entrepreneurial DNA” that has been adopted into several undergraduate and graduate study programs. His research into entrepreneurial behavior that led to the writing of the book also led to the development of the BOSI Behavioral Assessment that has been deployed globally with over 150,000 participants. 

At Beyond Academics, Joe serves as operating partner and also oversees the BA incubator, innovation consulting, and entrepreneurial mindset education initiatives. Joe is also finishing up research on BA’s Culture Of Innovation Assessment that helps organizations measure their internal capacity to innovate and transform. In addition to his role at BA, he oversees a portfolio of family-owned companies in sports, real estate, and wellness technology. He has been featured twice on the TEDx stage as well as on Fox News, CNN, network TV, and The Wall Street Journal as a subject matter expert in revenue generation, organizational transformation, and entrepreneurship.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Determining the different types of entrepreneurs and how a second-in-command can stack up to them 
  • The determining factors of whether anyone be an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial 
  • What would make an ideal consulting gig 
  • Why some companies are aligned at the C-level down to the frontline with their culture of innovation


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