Ep. 145 – Global Mentoring Solutions COO, Cindy Perks

Ep. 145 – Global Mentoring Solutions COO, Cindy Perks

Our guest today is Cindy Perks, the COO for Global Mentoring Solutions. 

Cindy brings over 30 years of operations management experience and oversees the hiring, training and support structure strategy at GMS. Global Mentoring Solutions offers outsourced help desk support to tech teams of various companies across the globe. Their mission is to boost the value of customer support to ensure continued success in business. 

Cindy has an extensive background in the eLearning community and is working to transition Global Mentoring Solutions into an industry leader in the outsourced help desk arena for managed service providers. Cindy Perks tireless efforts as the COO has taken Global Mentoring Solutions from 30 employees to over 130 in just 5 years! 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The effectiveness of outsourcing: Deciding what to outsource versus what is done inhouse 
  • How to wow people in the first 30 seconds of a support call 
  • Identifying patterns from call centers and reporting for amendments to the process 
  • What systems or mindsets Cindy has in place to stay on the same wavelength with the CEO of Global Mentoring Solutions 


Connect with Cindy Perks: LinkedIn 

Global Mentoring Solutions – https://www.globalmentoring.com


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