Ep. 129 – Fit Body Boot Camp Vice President, Bryce Henson

Ep. 129 – Fit Body Boot Camp Vice President, Bryce Henson

Our guest today is Fit Body Boot Camp’s Vice President, Bryce Henson.

Bryce Henson is the Vice President of Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s fastest-growing fitness boot camp franchise.

Having over 10+ years of experience in the fitness industry and owning 3 FBBC locations, his passion is spreading fitness to the world, in addition to mentoring fitness professionals on how to grow their businesses and change more lives in their local communities.

Bryce also co-leads FBBC Mastermind Group, an exclusive coaching group for high performing fitness professionals.

Bryce Henson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, grew up in Michigan and has spent most of his adult life in California. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and speaks Brazilian Portuguese fluently, having lived in Florianopolis, Brazil. He enjoys world travel and is a fitness expert, coach, author, and inspirational leader. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The challenges of assuming the role and managing a franchisee 
  • What’s Bryce’s role as Vice President and how he divides tasks to his role and with the President
  • Where Fit Body Boot Camp has struggled and adapted as a franchise 
  • What franchisors do well that a typical business can benefit from
  • What some of the things Fit Body Boot Camp learned from an IT and communications perspective 
  • What are some secrets that work which other companies should use in their daily operations


Connect with Bryce Henson: LinkedIn 

Fit Body Boot Camp – https://fitbodybootcamp.com/


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