Ep. 130 – Wikimedia Chief Operating Officer, Janeen Uzzell

Ep. 130 – Wikimedia Chief Operating Officer, Janeen Uzzell

Our guest today is Wikimedia Foundation’s Chief-Operating-Officer, Janeen Uzzell. 

The Wikimedia Foundation is the global non-profit that supports Wikipedia.

Janeen has dedicated her career to exploring how technology can drive equality and representation globally. In her current role, she oversees operational efficiency and scale during the period of fastest growth in the Foundation’s history. In addition to being second in command at Wikimedia, Janeen is committed to driving equity in the representation of diverse communities on the platform and is passionate about access to information. She is on a mission to expand the free knowledge movement and welcome new voices that are more representative of the world around us. 

Prior to joining the Foundation, Janeen was head of Women in Technology at General Electric (GE), where she worked with the company’s global CEOs to cultivate a culture across their workforce of 300,000 employees which accelerated the number of women in technical roles. Prior to that, she was the company’s Global Director of External Affairs and Technology Programs, and before that, she spent five years as Director of Healthcare Programs for GE Africa, based in Accra, Ghana.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Transferable skills that Janeen learned from General Electric and took with her into Wikimedia as their COO 
  • How the Wikimedia Foundation is funded 
  • Janeen’s stylistic changes between GE to Wikimedia 
  • What to look for when trying to identify people who are growth people 
  • How to keep up engagement with your virtual teams 
  • The model that Janeen uses for the long, hard conversations 
  • How to compete against companies that are funded at higher tiers such as Facebook and others 


Connect with Janeen Uzzell: LinkedIn 

Wikimedia – https://www.wikimedia.org/


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