How to Attract the Best Employees to Your Company

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No matter where in the world you are, business leaders will tend to complain that their metro area lacks top-tier talent for recruiting. The thing about that is they’re wrong. There are plenty of great employees out there, they just don’t want to work for them!

So how do you attract the best employees out there? The answer is simple. Create an outstanding company with an outstanding reputation and the employees will flock to you.

Let’s Start with an Example

Google has created an outstanding reputation regarding their company and their work environment. Because of this, they get to pick and choose from the cream of the crop when recruiting. Then, as these talented, innovative new hires inject ideas and create new revenue streams, the company can sweeten its recruitment package even more in a self-sustaining spiral of success.

But Google is a huge company with more than enough money for irresistible recruitment packages. Maybe you don’t have $400 in stocks or sushi bars to lure the best employees to you, so what can you do?

The Best Company Vision Attracts the Best Employees

Start by laying out a clear vision for your company built on values that your ideal candidates will relate to. There’s a lot of talk on company visions in these blogs, but there is a reason for that. They’re vital and they work!

Then, after you’ve created that astounding vision for your company, use everything you have to get the word out. This means PR, networking, social media, etc. Fly a banner behind a plane if you have to! If you’re building something new, innovative, and exciting and people know about it, they’ll seek you out.

The Best Employees Attract the Best Employees

It’s important to be aware that A-level talent attracts A-level talent. This means that it is vital that you’re cognizant of every hire you make. Compromise, settle, or scramble and soon enough your team will be a mess. Good luck getting the best employees to hop on board once they see that.

Don’t be afraid to go out and get the talent you want either. Most, if not all, of the best employees, aren’t out there looking for work, they’re already working! Don’t let this hold you back and resort to the second-best employees. Go out and poach the best! It’s not an immoral or evil business, it’s just the way it’s done. Talk to the best talent out there and they’ll likely tell you they’re rarely had to hunt for a job in their entire careers. Most of the time they’ve been headhunted.

Take What’s Being Let Go

In a time of cost-cutting, you should always keep your eyes and ears open for layoffs at companies you respect. If a great company is letting go of great employees, hop on the phone and tell everyone that you’re recruiting, especially if it’s a company that shares the same values as you.

Some say getting the best employees is a chicken or the egg kind of thing; you need great employees to make your company great, but your company has to be great to attract great employees. Don’t pay attention to that. Put in the hard work to make your business great and the recruiting process will no longer seem so daunting. If your company is as great as you can make it, people will be lining up to work for you. In short, greatness attracts greatness, so do your best and you’ll find the best employees to work with you!

What kinds of things do you do to attract great employees? Let us know in the comments below.

If you have questions or would like more information, I’d be happy to help. Please send an email, and my team will get in touch with you!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2017 and has been edited for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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Written By Cameron Herold

Written By Cameron Herold

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