How To Use Social Media To Check Out Potential Hires

How To Use Social Media To Check Out Potential Hires

The more informed you are about a potential hire the better. Public social media profiles are great insights into a candidate’s fit.

Here’s what to look for online both before and after an interview:


Look For Creativity

  • Creativity is evidence of flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Employees who are creative are more productive problem solvers.
  • Creative individuals will work with you to find innovative solutions.
  • Look at photography, captions, and hobbies as indicators of creativity and imagination.


Look For Good Communication Skills

  • Good communication is at the heart of every good organization.
  • A good communicator can aid in everything from corporate events to morning meetings.
  • Bios and captions are a great way to determine how well someone communicates.


Look For Organizational Fit

  • Social media comments and posts can also indicate organizational fit.
  • Are they positive and generous with their comments and posts?
  • Can you see evidence of them working well with others?
  • Do others recommend and endorse their work?

You can get an idea of how someone will interact with others at your company by how they interact online.

Look For Evidence Of Relevant Experience

  • LinkedIn is a great place to find more information about a candidate’s experience.
  • Qualified candidates can leave information out in an interview due to nerves.
  • So use social media to see a more well-rounded view of a candidate’s abilities.

Look For Negative Traits

  • Positive traits are not the only thing you can discover on social media.
  • Traits like dishonesty, pessimism or discrimination can also show through online.
  • Negative people are less likely to care about the quality of their work. Also, a bad attitude can spread quickly and affect the rest of the team.

Use social media both before and after interviewing a candidate and keep an open mind. Someone’s social media presence is often a good indicator of how they will appear in real life. But it’s important not to jump to too many conclusions before meeting. It’s easier than ever to contrive a persona online. Someone who looks amazing on social media might be a bad fit once you meet them in person. But someone you think is not qualified enough to get the job done might be a diamond in the rough.

If you have questions or would like more information, I’d be happy to help. Please send us an email, and my team will get in touch with you!

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