How Good Managers Keep Their Projects Moving & On Track!

How Good Managers Keep Their Projects Moving & On Track!

Like any good plan in business, in order to keep projects on track, good managers have to think ahead.

If you have action plans in place, keep communication open and assess progress regularly, you can keep projects running smoothly and on schedule.

Here’s how:

Good Managers Do Regular Check-Ins   

Regular check-ins can go a long way to keep your projects on track. They don’t just let you know how a project is going, they also give you insight into where your team’s mindset is at.


  • Let team members refocus lost attention
  • Encourage understanding through good communication
  • Give everyone a voice and lets them know their input matters
  • Build trust and lets everyone feel seen and heard
  • Reminds us we are human and need connection in order to do good work

“Checking-in increases self-awareness and brings clarity about where everyone stands. It intentionally reminds team members of the commitment to work together.” – Talent Management & HR


Good Managers Keep Communication Open But Flowing 

As is often stated, open communication is critical for good business. It allows people to voice what’s important to them and reinforces the notion you are all in it together.

Communication is important, but sometimes teams can get caught up with petty or insignificant matters. So be open to communication in a way which allows for everyone to feel seen and heard, but also reminds them of the bigger picture.

This leads to another important aspect of keeping your team on track:


Good Managers Prepare For Obstacles Ahead Of Time & Frame Them Within The Big Picture 

Part of keeping your project on track is thinking ahead to possible setbacks. Have a plan in place for any issues which might be distracting and take your team off course.

If a roadblock appears, it can also help to take a step back with your team and let them see the issue within the larger project framework. Reminding employees of where they are heading is a great way to get them moving and help them work through issues.

When you plan what you are going to do ahead of time, you have perspective and can make sure problems are tackled ASAP.


Good Managers Use Technology To Find Balance & Keep Your Team On Task 

We dedicated an entire blog post to how you can find balance when using technology to stay on track with your team.

“Technology can empower our businesses like never before. We can use analytics and tracking apps to keep our teams up to date and on track.” – COO Alliance Blog

Every aspect and phase of a project can be tracked to some extent using technology – so take advantage!


Good Managers Celebrate Milestones 

Sometimes morale takes a hit during a project phase. So it’s important to acknowledge wins along the way in order to keep the team going.

“It’s important to celebrate milestones as they happen and reward jobs well done. Productivity will soar amongst your project team if your members feel appreciated for their role.” – Mavenlink

Project completion can be a long time off. So take time to pat your team on the back at the halfway point or after an important phase to keep them motivated.

When projects halt, they can often stagnate if you don’t have the proper protocol in place to get them moving again. Even the best, self-starter employees can get off track if they don’t have goals and reminders to guide them. So follow these tips to help your team stay the course!

If you have questions or would like more information, I’d be happy to help. Please send an email, and my team will get in touch with you!

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