Ep. 380 – VP of Operations, Storyblok, Lydia Kothmeier

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron is joined by Lydia Kothmeier, the VP of Operations at Storyblok, discussing the company’s journey from eight to 230 employees in four years. Despite the challenges of global expansion, remote work, and cultural differences in business practices, Storyblok has thrived. Lydia emphasizes the importance of clear communication, documentation, and building a strong team culture, especially in a fully remote setting.

Lydia shares her strategies for managing a rapidly growing team, including limiting direct reports to eight people to ensure effective leadership. She emphasizes the value of feedback loops and giving team members autonomy to solve problems, believing that micromanaging stifles growth. Lydia also discusses the personal growth she has experienced, from learning new skills like information security to managing the complexities of a global business.

In managing work-life balance, Lydia stresses the importance of disconnecting from work and spending time outdoors or engaging in sports. She also reflects on her early career, advising her younger self to delegate tasks earlier and accept that decisions must often be made with imperfect information. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into scaling a company, managing remote teams, and personal growth as a leader.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why Storyblok leveraged an accelerator program in London to network with VCs and experts, and the importance of building a strong support network and utilizing resources for remote team success. (10:41)
  • The challenges of navigating different tax laws and regulations across various countries, emphasizing the need for a solid finance team and trusted partners when expanding globally. (13:06)
  • The importance of adaptability and self-management skills in a rapidly growing company. (18:37)
  • The value of feedback loops in helping team members grow, showcasing how micromanaging can hinder development, encouraging leaders to trust their teams and give them space to innovate. (28:39)
  • Lydia’s approach to maintaining work-life balance, the importance of disconnecting from work and engaging in activities outside of the office to recharge and stay healthy. (30:05)
  • And much more…


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