Ep. 378 – COO, Alloy Personal Training, Suzanne Robb

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron is joined by Suzanne Robb, the COO of Alloy Personal Training, as she discusses the profound impact of gratitude on stress reduction and overall well-being. Highlighting her journey both personally and professionally, Suzanne shares insights into her experience in the fitness industry and the evolution of Alloy, from its roots in one-on-one personal training to a successful franchise model. She emphasizes the importance of serving others and the organizational focus on maintaining a family-oriented culture, which has been central to Alloy’s philosophy since its inception.

Suzanne explores the challenges and strategic decisions involved in franchising, particularly the complexities that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation reveals how Alloy managed to navigate the turbulent times by adapting its business model to meet new health guidelines, proving advantageous as they expanded their franchise. Suzanne explains the critical role of comprehensive support systems for franchisees, which include rigorous training and ongoing operational guidance to ensure consistency and quality across locations.

Cameron and Suzanne also discuss the personal dynamics and professional relationship between Suzanne and Alloy’s CEO, Rick Mayo. She describes how their complementary skill sets have facilitated effective leadership and the division of responsibilities within the company. This partnership has enabled Alloy to innovate while staying true to its core values, ultimately fostering a robust business model that prioritizes franchisee success and customer satisfaction. The episode not only provides a look into Alloy’s operational strategies but also underscores the importance of leadership, culture, and adaptation in the face of industry challenges.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How practicing gratitude can significantly reduce stress and foster a positive outlook, even during challenging times. (0:00)
  • Suzanne’s role in transforming Alloy Personal Training into a franchising success. (1:06)
  • How Alloy navigated the initial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the challenges of opening new franchises during such turbulent times. (7:26)
  • The extensive support systems Alloy provides to its franchisees, from real estate acquisition to ongoing operational guidance. (14:05)
  • The importance of employee onboarding and nurturing a positive company culture. (18:27)
  • The challenges of managing corporate-owned locations alongside franchise operations. (21:03)
  • How Alloy manages the stages of franchisee relationships, especially when expectations are not met. (22:14)
  • The dynamic between Robb and CEO Rick Mayo, and how their complementary skills contribute to effective leadership and business growth. (26:24)
  • And much more…


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