Ep. 359 – How To Skyrocket Your Business Success

Today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast is a recast of a conversation between Cameron and Spencer Lodge, the host of the Unscripted podcast. They discuss the paramount importance of building a business to create personal free time, not just financial gain. Cameron shares a pivotal lesson from his father, highlighting that owning a business isn’t solely about monetary success, but rather about having the freedom to enjoy life on one’s own terms. By focusing on delegating and growing people, one can achieve both financial prosperity and personal freedom. This foundational philosophy underpins Cameron’s approach to entrepreneurship and business development.

The conversation explores Cameron’s personal and professional journey, including candid stories about his life, such as his thoughts on travel and cultural exposure, and his experiences in different countries like Bhutan. These stories reveal his deeper understanding of life and business, including the significance of being present, emotionally connected, and genuinely engaging with different cultures and environments. He also discusses the critical role of a COO in a company, highlighting the importance of a strong CEO-COO partnership and the challenges in achieving such a dynamic.

The conversation also touches on Cameron’s perspective on hiring practices, corporate culture, and employee engagement. He asserts that great employees are drawn to exceptional companies, emphasizing the need for businesses to cultivate cultures that are more than just workplaces. Cameron discusses his book, “The Second In Command,” which focuses on the intricacies of the COO role and the CEO-COO relationship.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Cameron views the primary goal of entrepreneurship as a means to gain personal freedom and free time, rather than purely financial success.
  • The importance of prioritizing delegation and personal time to achieve both wealth and a fulfilling life.
  • The significance of traveling and immersing oneself in various cultures.
  • How emotional experiences, like the loss of a loved one, can profoundly affect business leaders and their approach to life and work.
  • The crucial role of a COO and the dynamics of the CEO-COO relationship for business efficiency and growth.
  • Strategies for attracting top talent by building a strong company culture and why great employees gravitate towards great companies.
  • The psychological aspects of entrepreneurship, including the prevalence of traits like ADD and bipolar disorder among successful entrepreneurs.
  • The ‘Vivid Vision’ concept and how it helps in aligning and inspiring employees towards a common business goal.
  • And much more…


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