Ep. 342 – LGFG Fashion House COO, Mamikon Rothberg

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron Herold is joined by Mamikon Rothberg, the Chief Operating Officer of LGFG Fashion House, a luxury custom clothing brand, as they discuss LGFG’s unique business model. He emphasizes how LGFG stands apart by offering personalized, direct-to-client services, catering to successful men who prefer a distinct style without the hassle of traditional shopping. This approach, as Mamikon notes, saves valuable time for busy professionals like CEOs and presidents, who are the brand’s primary clientele. The convenience of having an experienced professional come to them, combined with the opportunity to wear unique, custom-made suits, shirts, and even casual attire like jeans and sneakers, is what makes LGFG’s offering exceptional.

Cameron and Mamikon explore the company’s operational strategies and its global reach. Mamikon explains the sales and tailoring process, where salespeople are trained as tailors to provide a comprehensive service. He discusses the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a pivot towards virtual client meetings and remote selling, and how this crisis turned into an opportunity for growth and adaptation. LGFG’s emphasis on referrals, client relationships, and high-quality products has helped it sustain and grow. The company’s presence spans across the US, Canada, Europe, and Dubai, with plans to expand into retail with ready-made garments in the future.

Mamikon reflects on his journey with LGFG Fashion House, from his beginnings as a salesperson to his current role as COO. He shares insights on the importance of adapting to change, managing expectations, and the value of perseverance in business. His advice to his younger self and aspiring entrepreneurs is to remain focused and remember that challenges are temporary.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How providing bespoke services directly to clients at their homes or offices sets LGFG apart in the fashion industry.
  • How LGFG Fashion House caters to the needs of busy professionals like CEOs, offering convenience and exclusivity in fashion.
  • LGFG’s innovative approach to training salespeople in tailoring skills to enhance customer experience.
  • How LGFG navigated the COVID-19 pandemic by shifting to virtual client meetings and remote selling, a testament to business resilience.
  • The importance of referrals and strong client relationships in growing a luxury brand.
  • How to adapt to and overcome business challenges, with insights on managing expectations and the power of perseverance.
  • And much more…


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