Ep. 332 – Dew Wealth Management, Managing Partner, Bryce Keffeler

In this episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron chats with Bryce Keffeler, Managing Partner at Dew Wealth Management. Bryce discusses the company’s growth trajectory, crediting it to a harmonious blend of skills between the entrepreneurial CEO and his own operational expertise. Dew Wealth has seen a significant 5x growth over five years due to this strategic partnership. They discuss Dew’s niche approach to wealth management, likening their services to a family office for first-generation business owners, offering an array of financial services and acting as a virtual CEO for clients’ wealth management needs.

Cameron and Bryce explore the importance of understanding problem statements to effectively handle the constant influx of ideas from entrepreneurial leaders like Jim Dew. Bryce details his method of framing problem statements to dissect and assess them before presenting potential solutions, ensuring that initiatives align with core objectives. This approach underscores a collaborative relationship with the CEO, fostering trust and minimizing micromanagement. Additionally, he touches on the transformation of Dew Wealth into an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), which not only aligns employee interests with enterprise value but also provides a unique exit strategy for the founders without compromising the company’s fiduciary standards.

Finally, Bryce reflects on his journey from corporate finance to wealth management, driven by a desire to make a more meaningful impact on individual lives. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, he developed an early appreciation for financial literacy, which became a competitive advantage in his career. He shares insights on the power of networking and building relationships, offering advice to his younger self on creating opportunities through proactive engagement.



In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Dew Wealth’s 5x growth over five years comes from a strategic partnership leveraging operational expertise and the CEO’s entrepreneurial vision.
  • Why Dew Wealth operates similarly to a family office, targeting first-generation business owners and providing comprehensive financial services.
  • Bryce’s method for managing numerous ideas by focusing on the root problem and developing aligned solutions.
  • The collaborative relationship he has with the CEO, building trust and allowing for efficient operations without micromanagement.
  • Dew Wealth’s transition to an ESOP, aligning employee interests with enterprise value and offering a beneficial exit strategy for the founders.
  • Bryce’s personal career shift from corporate finance to wealth management, fueled by a desire for impactful work.
  • And much more…



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