Ep. 324 – Elevenlabs, Chief of Staff, Victoria Weller

Ever wondered how a Chief of Staff’s journey from studying astrophysics to space medicine and working on quantum secure data encryption led her to become a key player in a fast-growing AI company, ElevenLabs? Brace yourself for a fascinating story that spans across continents and fields.

Victoria Weller, the Chief of Staff at ElevenLabs, takes us on a whirlwind journey through her life, starting from an international school in Munich to studying astrophysics in Edinburgh. Her exploration of space continued at the Center for Space Medicine in Berlin, where she delved into the cardiovascular changes in microgravity, adding valuable contributions to the field.

A pivot to physics led her to a micro-satellite startup in Berlin, where she simulated sun baffles, optimizing satellite cameras for capturing starlight. The adventure continued as she pursued a master’s in Applied Physics at Columbia University in New York, eventually joining a quantum secure data encryption startup, Crypt, as a project manager.

Victoria’s narrative unfolds in the fast-paced world of data tech at Palantir, where she worked as a reliability engineer, navigating the challenges of a startup in New York, and then moving to London. Her latest chapter unfolds at ElevenLabs, a text-to-speech AI company, where she serves as Chief of Staff, orchestrating internal operations, compliance, hiring, and more.

Go listen to the full episode now on the Second in Command Podcast YouTube channel to delve deeper into Victoria’s incredible journey and the insights she gained along the way.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Victoria’s international upbringing and educational journey.
  • Research in space medicine and its applications.
  • Simulating sun baffles for micro-satellites.
  • Transitioning from astrophysics to quantum secure data encryption.
  • The dynamics of working in the data tech world at Palantir.
  • Chief of Staff role at ElevenLabs and its multifaceted responsibilities.
  • The intersection of technology, space, and AI.
  • And so much more…


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