Ep. 294 – Gadhvi, Director of Finance, Excellence and Operations, Mehul Gaglani

Our guest today is Mehul Gaglani, Director of Finance, Excellence and Operations for Dev Gadhvi Creations Private Limited, a business that serves people who are looking to build their business around passion by having multiple streams of income. Dev Gadhvi serves trainers, coaches, mentors, experts, and infoprenenuers, largely in the 30-40 year age group. They innovate traditional work norms, offering flexibility without fixed working hours or vacation policies. They also prioritize comprehensive induction programs deeply ingrained in company culture through new hires. 

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why Mehul believes that Dubai has changed the definition of growth, speed, and the things a vision can accomplish.
  • How his time as an entrepreneur influences his current role with Dev Gadhvi.
  • The concept of servitude, and how it’s implemented through the company.
  • How Mehul provides feedback to Dev, the CEO.


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