Ep. 292 – Impact School, COO, Noor Barrage

Our guest today is Noor Barrage, Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer for Impact School, a company that works with small to medium-sized businesses to help them scale online using social media. Impact averages around $400,000 USD per month, with nine people internally, not inclusive of their fractional sales team. Impact has partnered with a sales agency, which takes care of that function of the business. In today’s episode, Cameron and Noor discuss the ways that Noor and her CEO, Lauren Tickner had to learn their individual communication styles. They talk about her struggles with the lack of recognition that comes with her work. They also chat about the importance of transparency with their team and coaches.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Noor’s unique perspective on being a supportive force behind a high-energy CEO. 
  • How Noor leverages social media for company growth and the value of her literature education in her role as COO.
  • Her decision to pursue entrepreneurship over a career in law.
  • How Noor’s analytical skills contribute to the company’s success.



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