Ep. 253 – Advent President, Rick Dietz

Feb 14, 2023

Our guest today is Rick Dietz, President of Advent.

Rick was brought into Advent by a private equity firm to report to the founders, Dr. Madan Kandula and Dr. Gwen Kandula and grow the organization. The conversation covers many areas, including how Rick came into the organization, and why he focuses on developing people. Advent is currently in the process of changing out the entire management team for new leadership. Rick offers insights on transitioning people, as well as his thoughts around the use of data and how Advent uses data to make decisions. They explore the challenges of working with a PE firm and how that’s changed the organization. He also shares his experiences of being an outside hire and coming into the organization.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Why Rick believes in using data to make more informed decisions.
  • His previous work in practice management within the fertility space.
  • How the company culture has adjusted with the scaling and the injection of capital.
  • The various considerations that have to be addressed when making changes to the leadership team.
  • The importance of regular check-ins with the team.



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Written By Cameron Herold

Written By Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold is known around the world as THE CEO WHISPERER. He is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. Cameron’s built a dynamic consultancy: his current clients include a “Big 4” wireless carrier and a monarchy. What do his clients say they like most about him? He isn’t a theory guy—they like that Cameron speaks only from experience. He earned his reputation as the CEO Whisperer by guiding his clients to double their profit and double their revenue in just three years or less. Cameron is a top-rated international speaker and has been paid to speak in 26 countries. He is also the top-rated lecturer at EO/MIT’s Entrepreneurial Masters Program and a powerful and effective speaker at Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer leadership events around the world.

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