Ep. 155 – Bunn-O-Matic Executive Vice President, Mark Watson

Ep. 155 – Bunn-O-Matic Executive Vice President, Mark Watson

Our guest today is Mark Watson, the Executive Vice President for Bunn-O-Matic. 

Mark loves challenges, both personal and professional.  He would prefer to fail at a huge challenge than succeed at an easy challenge.  In his career, he has always chosen to do the hard assignments and big challenges. In his opinion, the hard road is where personal and professional growth are realized.  Personal challenges began early with the death of his father during his junior year in high school.  Next came children and one with special needs.  Most recently, a terminal disease diagnosis (also dubbed his superpower) with less than a year to live.  With some luck, love, faith, soul searching, study, and persistence, those challenges have only served to make the journey deeper and more meaningful.

Some of Mark’s professional challenges include volunteering for multiple operational and financial rescues, both foreign and domestic, while working for a Fortune 100 company to now leading a medium sized mid-western manufacturer through growing pains and COVID-19.  

Mark’s first book, Joyous Leadership, is scheduled to be released later this year.  The book focuses on how anyone can take their story, refocus, tilt the prism to the light, and have a beautiful joyous journey. 

Mark believes in giving back and paying it forward. He is always on the lookout for opportunities to do both. Mark finds making a difference in the lives of others, whether big or small, he finds them both very rewarding.  


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The keys to the growth of Bunn-O-Matic 
  • The difference between working at a big corporate environment versus a more entrepreneurial environment 
  • What was done within Bunn-O-Matic to stay “nimble” and entrepreneurial
  • How to connect the team with the vision of the organization 
  • Areas that COVID exposed in which Bunn-O-Matic is improving 
  • Conflict management within the leadership and staff 
  • How Bunn-O-Matic maintains its focus on being a solution provider
  • Company culture in their branch in Asia and how it compares and differs with their homebase  



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Bunn-O-Matic – https://www.bunn.com


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