Ep. 143 – Systemax COO, Ritesh Chaturbedi

Ep. 143 – Systemax COO, Ritesh Chaturbedi

Our guest today is Ritesh Chaturbedi who is the COO for Systemax, a value-added industrial distributor going to market through its operating subsidiaries primarily under the name Global Industrial, and related brands. He has extensive experience in operations, procurement, customer service, technology and critical growth operations.

Ritesh is also sought after by CXOs as a Strategic Consultant & Advisor. His strong track record of success spanning numerous industries has given him a unique perspective that is both broad & deep. To share his expertise in partnership with like-minded professionals, he co-founded Ramasha Holdings, a strategy / technology & management consulting company. Ritesh has worked with prior clients including companies such as BJs, Adorama, Ditech, and Sears Canada.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How to know your metrics and inventory 
  • How Systemax operates and the industrial resources they provide 
  • What makes a great customer experience
  • Essentially a 3-minute MBA on simplifying your business model
  • Fitting the needs of your customer rather than creating a product then finding the customers


Connect with Ritesh Chaturbedi: LinkedIn 

Systemax – https://www.systemax.com


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