Ep. 135 – Klient Boost VP of Ops, Richard Uruchurtu

Ep. 135 – Klient Boost VP of Ops, Richard Uruchurtu

Our guest today is KlientBoost’s VP of Operations, Richard Uruchurtu. 

Richard Uruchurtu III was originally a film school grad, who left film freelancing to join a small media company as an editor. During his time there, he went from editor to manager, to training director, to sales director. And the company itself grew from a small shop to a 35+ employee, $2.2 million in revenue business that was eventually acquired. This quick growth path gave him some amazing experience in multiple disciples such as management, sales, marketing, and – above all – operations.

Wanting to expand his horizons, Richard made the switch to the agency world and hasn’t looked back since. After managing sales at multiple agencies, he finally found his true calling at KlientBoost.

Since joining KlientBoost he has used the entirety of his experience to work with the leadership team and their CEO, Johnathan Dane, to achieve some outrageous growth. Growth like doubling in size every year (and showing no signs of slowing down).

While a rapid growth agency is a lot of fun, it can also be chaotic. To handle their growth curve he’s been the main “Integrator” of their operating system that KlientBoost now runs on. They’ve gotten so big now that Richard stepped out of his sales roles entirely to focus specifically on their internal processes and operations

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How KlientBoost functions and what their client base is like 
  • How KlientBoost retains their clients after optimization and doing a lot of the heavy lifting 
  • What it was like to promote some of the internal team into leadership roles and how to set the expectations within the internal team to accept former peers who were promoted
  • What is the set culture and how that was established in KlientBoost 
  • How to integrate the core values into the hiring process 
  • How to have the hard conversations with employees who are not culture fits 
  • How Richard is working on his skills as a leader


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Klient Boost – http://www.klientboost.com/

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