Ep. 134 – CarParts.com COO and CFO, David Meniane

Ep. 134 – CarParts.com COO and CFO, David Meniane

Our guest today is CarParts.com’s COO and CFO, David Meniane. 

Since March 2019, David Meniane has served as CarParts.com’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, overseeing the company’s operations both domestically and internationally. David has been a key figure in the company’s turnaround as a tech-forward business, especially in the expansion of its fulfillment operations to connect drivers with the parts they need and get them back on the road quickly.

Prior to this, David served as Executive Vice President of L.A. Libations, the official incubation partner to the Venturing & Emerging Brands group at the Coca-Cola Company. During his three-year tenure, he oversaw the launch of three profitable business units as well as three new companies. Using his experience as an operator and financier, the company’s EBITDA grew by 280% and their investment portfolio’s value grew by 73%. Prior to that, David, alongside his wife, Deborah, launched Victoria’s Kitchen, a specialty beverage company, and grew its national distribution until its sale in 2017. Previously, David served as Chief Financial Officer at Aflalo & Harkham Investments, a $350M commercial real estate investment partnership. David currently serves on the board of directors of Space Shake, an emerging CPG company offering low sugar beverages and snacks, and Relentless Trade Solutions, a retail execution company supporting high-growth CPG companies in the grocery and mass merchandising channels.

David holds a BS in Accounting and a Master of Business Taxation from the University of Southern California. He currently maintains an active CPA license in the state of California. 

David lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their beautiful daughter, Bella.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • David’s role and operations in CarParts.com 
  • How David took on the role of creating the culture 
  • Identifying the lifetime value of the CPA in an online automotive business and how it’s used 
  • How CarParts.com consolidated its properties to make their processes more streamlined and maximize the ROI for every CPA 
  • What part(s) of being a public company David needed to focus on  
  • David’s approach to leadership and leading a team 
  • The meeting rhythms that exist inside CarParts.com 
  • How the market cap reflected the residual value of CarParts.com’s inventory 


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CarParts.com –  https://carparts.com 

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