Ep. 372 – COO, BlueGrace Logistics, Adam Blankenship

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron is joined by Adam Blankenship, COO of BlueGrace Logistics, as he shares valuable insights into leadership, company culture, and the dynamic growth of his company. He discusses the critical role trust and loyalty play within a team, highlighting how his approach to keeping promises and delivering on commitments has been a key to success. Adam’s journey from the head of sales to the COO of a billion-dollar revenue company is a testament to his strategic foresight and the ability to scale a business effectively. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the bigger picture of the business, not just the specifics of one’s role, to lead a company strategically.

The conversation also explores the challenges and opportunities brought about by significant transitions, such as the investment from Warburg Pincus and the impact of COVID-19. Adam candidly shares the lessons learned from navigating these waters, particularly the importance of adaptability and making tough decisions for the long-term benefit of the company. He reflects on the journey of transforming BlueGrace from a sales-driven organization to a comprehensive logistics provider with a robust strategic direction, illustrating how overcoming operational and cultural challenges has been crucial to their success.

Adam’s personal growth as a leader is another focal point of the discussion. He credits a continuous learning mindset, the practice of challenging ideas, and the ability to adapt to the company’s evolving needs as key factors in his development. The emphasis on core values and the deliberate efforts to break down silos within the organization are highlighted as foundational elements that have shaped the company’s culture and operational effectiveness. Adam’s reflections offer valuable lessons on leadership, the importance of a cohesive vision, and the relentless pursuit of improvement, both personally and organizationally.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Adam emphasizes trust and loyalty as the bedrock of a successful team and company culture. (1:01)
  • The journey of BlueGrace Logistics from a $60 million to a billion-dollar company under Adam’s leadership, and the strategic decisions involved in such significant growth. (3:13)
  • How BlueGrace Logistics navigated major transitions, including a substantial investment from Warburg Pincus and the impact of COVID-19. (15:57)
  • Adam’s approach to personal growth through continuous learning and challenging himself. (28:05)
  • The strategies employed by BlueGrace Logistics to break down silos and ensure that all parts of the company are aligned and working towards common goals. (31:45)
  • How Adam navigates tough decisions, especially around people and strategic direction, balancing data with core values. (35:45)
  • How BlueGrace Logistics’ core values are integral to their company culture and success. (37:18)
  • And much more…



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