Ep. 368 – The Credit Card Concierge Director of Travel & Client Success, Tommy Lonergan

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron is joined by Tommy Lonergan, a key figure behind the Travel Like Tommy brand and Freedom Travel business, as he shares insights on how he helps individuals and companies optimize their credit card points for travel and cashback rewards. With years of experience in travel hacking, Tommy has developed strategies for maximizing credit card benefits, allowing for first-class travel experiences and significant cash back. He elaborates on the importance of selecting the right credit cards for specific spending categories, such as advertising and travel, to amplify point earnings which can then be strategically redeemed for high-value travel experiences.

The conversation explores the operational aspects of Tommy’s business, discussing the team’s remote work dynamics and the concierge-style service they offer. This service includes managing clients’ travel plans from start to finish, ensuring personalized and hassle-free experiences. Tommy emphasizes the importance of leveraging a mix of organic growth, strategic advertising, and client referrals to scale the business. The discussion also touches on the logistical challenges and solutions in running a service that demands attention to detail and constant communication across different time zones.

Finally, the episode highlights Tommy’s entrepreneurial journey, from his initial hesitation to pursue his passion for travel hacking to the successful establishment of his business. He reflects on the importance of overcoming the fear of failure and the value of taking risks to realize one’s dreams. His story is a testament to the power of turning a personal passion into a thriving business that not only generates income but also delivers exceptional value to its clients by transforming the way they travel.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to leverage credit cards like the Amex Business Platinum and Gold cards for maximizing points through spending in categories such as advertising, which can be exchanged for first-class travel or significant cashback. (2:45)
  • The importance of developing strong individual brands within a business context to attract and retain clients. (8:10)
  • How to effectively use accumulated points for travel, focusing on finding the best redemption options that offer the highest value per point. (28:59)
  • Effective methods for acquiring clients through organic growth, strategic advertising, and leveraging client referrals, including the significance of delivering high-quality service that leads to natural referrals. (36:38)
  • The logistics and challenges of operating a remote team across different time zones, and how to manage client services effectively while maintaining flexibility in work locations. (36:37)
  • Tommy’s personal journey of overcoming the fear of failure and the importance of taking risks in entrepreneurship. (42:05)
  • And much more…


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