Ep. 356 – SVP of Operations, Cyware, Joe Aurilia Jr.

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron is joined by Joe Aurilia, Jr., the SVP of Operations for Cyware, to explore the intricacies of operational leadership and the dynamics of rapid company growth. Joe played a pivotal role in scaling Cyware from its early seed stage to a Series C funded cybersecurity powerhouse, and shares his experiences and strategies for fostering collaboration, consensus, and a vibrant culture across a multinational team. He explores the challenges of hiring and integrating key talent, the nuances of international operations, and the importance of communication and leadership in breaking down silos within a growing organization.

Joe emphasizes the significance of continuous learning and curiosity as a cornerstone for personal and professional development. He advocates for a proactive approach to self-education, leveraging a wealth of online resources to stay ahead in a fast-evolving industry. By engaging with diverse communities, absorbing varied content, and embracing the unknown, Joe illustrates how leaders can drive innovation and adaptability within their teams and organizations.

The conversation also touches upon the strategic aspects of navigating funding rounds and operational scaling, offering listeners valuable insights into the due diligence process, managing stakeholder expectations, and the crucial balance between strategic vision and day-to-day execution. Joe’s journey with Cyware, from its nascent stages to becoming a leader in cybersecurity, serves as a compelling case study for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to understand the complexities of managing growth, culture, and innovation in the digital age.



In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How a commitment to ongoing education and curiosity can significantly enhance your leadership skills and operational effectiveness.
  • How Joe scaled Cyware from a seed stage to a Series C funded company, including navigating funding rounds and the operational challenges of rapid expansion.
  • Insights into fostering collaboration, consensus, and a strong culture within teams spread across multiple countries.
  • Strategies for recruiting, selecting, and onboarding the right people to support your company’s growth and vision.
  • The operational intricacies of running a cybersecurity company, from breaking down silos to enhancing team collaboration.
  • The importance of purposeful meetings, ensuring that every gathering drives action and contributes to the company’s objectives.
  • How staying curious and actively seeking new knowledge can position you and your organization for future success.
  • Advice on preparing for and handling the due diligence process during funding rounds, and how to manage stakeholder expectations effectively.
  • Why expanding your professional network and engaging in meaningful conversations can be pivotal for personal and professional development.
  • And much more…



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